SIZE / サイズ

Width of lens / レンズの幅 47mm
Height of lens / レンズの高さ 43mm
Width of front / フロントの幅 128mm
Width of bridge / ブリッジの幅 22mm
Length of temple / テンプルの長さ 142mm
Weight of Frame / フレームの重量 15g



Light frame. Bridge structure utilizing the flexibility of titanium, and a feeling of pleasant holding by temple structure with a sense of stability.



Front / フロント
 Titanium /チタン
Temple / テンプル  Titanium /チタン
Lens / レンズ  Acrylic / アクリル
Made in / 製造国  Japan / 日本




A motivational work that combines the new design's four-point fastening bridge with studs temples, a synonym for the brand. The end piece which leads to the temple hangs on the rim back, and in order to make the flowing design look as beautiful as possible, the closing block (eye rim screw part) is arranged under the bridge. In addition, we compute elasticity and create bridges to improve the comfort and reduce the burden on closing block of screw.Advanced and accurate technology and a wide variety of manufacturing processes provide high quality to fine areas and aesthetics.


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