SIZE / サイズ

Width of lens / レンズの幅 51mm
Height of lens / レンズの高さ 37mm
Width of front / フロントの幅 148mm
Width of bridge / ブリッジの幅 20mm
Length of temple / テンプルの長さ 145mm
Weight of Frame / フレームの重量 15g



Light frame. Structure without a sense of pressure that makes the most of the flexibility of the high density acetate and holds the flexible function in the front frame.



Front / フロント
 Acetate / アセテート
Temple / テンプル  Titanium / チタン
Lens / レンズ  Acrylic / アクリル
Made in / 製造国  Japan / 日本




A combination model that adopts a thin and intensive high-density acetate as the front desk. Original jointed titanium parts designed based on studs are fixed to the front by advanced caulking technology. The inside of the front is thick depending on the upholstery, because it adopts a clings structure with high fixing strength. Combining a highly flexible front with a high-intensity titanium temple makes the glasses frame lighter and has a high feeling of holding.  PHILIP is a  wellington shape model that combines modern state-of-the-art technologies in a classical design.