Mr.Gentleman EYEWEARのすべての製品は、日本の福井県鯖江市の工場で製造されています。その中でもトップレベルの技術を持つ工場を選び、商品においての品質に高いこだわりを持っています。





私たちMr.Gentleman EYEWEARは福井県鯖江市の中で様々な工場を見て回りましたが、トップレベルの工場ではさらに高い意識で商品が製造されていることを確認し、ブランドスタート時からトップレベルの工場でのみ製造することを続けています。

是非、Mr.Gentleman EYEWEARの商品を手にとり、私たちが考える物づくりの姿勢をお客様に感じていただきたいと思います。

All of Mr. Gentleman EYEWEAR's products are manufactured at the factory in Sabae City, Fukui, Japan. Among them, we have chosen factories with top-level technology and have a high level of commitment to quality in our products.

Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, is home to some of the world's top-level technologies among the world's eyewear production regions, and many of the world's top brands produce their products in this location. I think you all have doubts as to why Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture has received so much praise.

Italy, one of the world's three largest producers, is said to have an unmanned production system with advanced technology.The era in which China can only make cheap things has come to an end, and mass production with quality that is no different from that of Japanese-made products is becoming possible.

Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture, Japan, does not have such advanced technology as Italy, and does not have a system for mass production like China. Most of the machinery used in manufacturing is old, and the manufacturing method of glasses is old-style.
It is said that the European glasses industry is protecting traditional manufacturing methods.

One of the advantages of such regions over other regions is that they have a very high level of satisfaction with their finishes, which we believe is the fact that they have taken root in the region.

Luxurious feeling transmitted from the hand, high durability against aging, and comfort. These can be realized by combining the high levels required in all manufacturing processes, parts, and underground treatment.

We, Mr. Gentleman EYEWEAR, looked around various factories in Sabae City, Fukui Prefecture. We have confirmed that products are manufactured at top-level factories with even higher awareness, and have continued to produce only at top-level factories since the start of the brand.

By all means, I would like you to take Mr. Gentleman EYEWEAR's products in your hands and feel the attitude of manufacturing that we think about.