SIZE / サイズ

Width of lens / レンズの幅 48mm
Height of lens / レンズの高さ 38mm
Width of front / フロントの幅 132mm
Width of bridge / ブリッジの幅 22mm
Length of temple / テンプルの長さ 145mm
Weight of Frame / フレームの重量 15g



Light frame. Structure without a sense of pressure that makes the most of the flexibility of the high density acetate and holds the flexible function in the front frame.



Front / フロント
 Acetate / アセテート
Temple / テンプル  β Titanium / β チタン
Lens / レンズ  Acrylic / アクリル
Made in / 製造国  Japan / 日本




A model featuring front metal parts incorporating studs into the design.By combining beta-titanium temples with shape memory, the glasses frame is comfortable and holds well. Original titanium pads, which are grooved in a lattice shape, are resistant to slippage and have a structure that assumes long-time wearing. FRANCOIS is a classic Wellington design, which is easy for women to wear because of its wide range of top and bottom.


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