SIZE / サイズ

Width of lens / レンズの幅 52mm
Height of lens / レンズの高さ 36mm
Width of front / フロントの幅 138mm
Width of bridge / ブリッジの幅 18mm
Length of temple / テンプルの長さ 145mm
Weight of Frame / フレームの重量 20g



Light frame. A temple structure with a pleasant feeling of holding due to the flexibility of titanium materials.



Front / フロント


/ チタン&アセテート

Temple / テンプル  Titanium / チタン
Lens / レンズ  Acrylic / アクリル
Made in / 製造国  Japan / 日本





This series is a top factory in Japan with history, experience and technological capabilities that combines a superficial texture with a high level of commitment to high quality. This is a lonely, high-quality piece that will never be completed, no matter whether it lacks cost or technical skills, such as mold, surface treatment,
or assembly. The more you chew it, the more you can taste it, the more you put it into the design balance. Using high-quality titanium, the temples are made with
matting and polishing, bringing out studs for a thinner, more elegant finish than existing ones. Original parts are attached to the temple end to create a masculine and thick design.


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