Mr.Gentleman EYEWEARがブランドをスタートした時、初めて世の中に発表したのがDYLAN。1952年にRay-Banが発表したWayfareは同ブランドのアイコンであり、多くのブランドが見本にしてきました。日本の鯖江市において最高の技術を持つ工場で、Wayfareを超える物づくりを目指し、生まれたDYLAN。


 It is a symbol of the brand and a popular model DYLAN.

When Mr. Gentleman EYEWEAR started the brand, it was DYLAN that he announced in the world for the first time.
Wayfare announced by Ray-Ban in 1952 is an icon of the same brand, and many brands have used it as a design sample.
This DYLAN was born at a plant with the best technologies in the Japanese city of Sabae, with the aim of creating products that transcend Wayfare.

It is a luxury that can only be felt by the person who hands it, with a best texture, an exquisite hold, and a solid design with a moderately inclined angle.



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