造形の細かさを美しいと感じるLIAM, NOEL。

サーモントブロウの眼鏡と聞くと、知的で誠実なイメージの反面、太いブローパーツから威厳を感じるデザインである。LIAM, NOELのブローパーツは極限まで薄く、威厳は一切感じず実にスマートな印象である。それを実現させたのは高い加工技術力であり、この眼鏡フレームは細かい箇所まで美しく、そして眼鏡として必要な強度のレベルが高い。



LIAM and NOEL that makes you feel the fineness of the molding beautiful.

When you hear of Sir-Mont blow glasses, it is a design that feels intimidating from thick blow parts, on the contrary to the intelligent and sincere image.
The blow parts of LIAM, NOEL are extremely thin, and they have a really smart impression with any sense of dignity.It is the high processing technology that made it possible, and this glasses frame is beautiful to the fine part, and the level of strength required for the glasses is high.

Eyeglasses satisfy a lot of needs, but they are one of the frames you definitely want to make a choice if you want more.


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